Working with Nature

Turf, Sod, Lawn

Regardless of whether your grass is growing in a residential backyard, a municipal park, a soccer pitch, a lawn bowling green, on a golf course, or a sod farm, one thing remains the same .... MTS Environmental's Turf Pro Gold Soil & Foliar Program can help make it the best grass around.  

Our secret?  Not only do we treat the grass itself, we go deeper - to the root of the issue - and work to recondition the soil.  The base ingredients for the Turf Pro Gold Program are      

(Organic Materials Review Institute) approved, and 100% all-natural and environmentally friendly, which means the program is safe for children and pets, and allowed for use in towns, cities, and municipalities with chemical bans.

What the Turf Pro Gold Program Does:

  • Promotes proper soil structure
  • Improves the release of nutrients by the grass, and the expulsion of waste
  • Reduces soil born diseases
  • Aids in water and fertilizer penetration
  • Grows a larger root mass
  • Grows a healthier stand of grass this is better able to fight off disease and pest attacks

Benefits you can Expect to see include are:

  • Reduction in fertilizer costs
  • Reduction in herbicide costs
  • Reduction in thatch accumulation
  • Reduction in water usage
  • A turf or lawn that can better withstand stresses such as extreme heat, drought, over saturation, etc.
  • Quick green up after drought conditions
  • A healthier and thicker stand of grass with less room for weed seeds to take root.