Working with Nature

Grease Trap Treatment Program

Benefits with Bio-Desolve Grease Trap Treatment
  • Reduces offensive odours and harmful gasses (digests solids, fats, oils and grease)
  • Reduces grease trap and drain line back-ups
  • Improves drainage and increases flow in drain lines
  • Reduces "sludge" build-up so there is less to dispose
  • Time between pump-outs may be lengthened
  • Allows for traps to be cleaned out during operating hours
  • Reduces level of E. Coli
  • 100% all natural and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to apply - just pour in your pots & pans sink or use our metering pump
  • In all commercial kitchens, the operating environment will be improved
  • Approved and safe to use  (CFIA, MOE)

Day 1 - Before Bio-Desolve U​se

​Day 35 - Using Bio-Desolve

​Day 15 - Using Bio-Desolve