Working with Nature

Lake Association Program

"In Lakes And Ponds leaks from septic systems can cause weeds and algae to grow in lake and ponds. Just a small amount of additional phosphorus (which can come from soaps, shampoos, household cleaning products and detergents) in a lake or pond can make a huge difference in the amount of weeds that grow during the spring and summer.  Lakes sometimes develop "dead zones" as a result of an overload of phosphorus - which can lead to too much algae, deplete oxygen supplies and kill fish."

Ministry of  The Environment - Article Septic System Users 

TKN (Nitrogen), Phosphorus and other Nutrients

Discharged effluent containing high levels of nutrients can ultimately lead to overall ecosystem degradation through algae blooms, excessive plant growth, oxygen depletion, and reduced sunlight penetration.  Did your system help to create this?


Your septic system is simply a smaller scale version of a waste water facility.  The septic tank is just part of this system.  Bio-Desolve targets and consumes bio-solids, oils & fats, phosphates, nitrates and toxic metals in the septic system tank as well as the septic field, thereby improving the overall quality of the effluent and bio-solid treatment. Remember the waste water leaving your system will end up in the groundwater that feeds your lake.  Leaks from an improperly maintained system can have serious human health and ecological effects.

Our Partnership With You

We want you to enjoy your lake.  By considering using Bio-Desolve you are taking a further step in improving our natural environment.  We will make a donation of 5% of all sales of Bio-Desolve to registered Lake Association members to the Muskoka Conservancy.