Working with Nature

Bio-Desolve Waste Water & Septic System Treatment

We treat the ENTIRE system - including the drains and surrounding soil

Bio-Desolve will restore the natural balance to your system to eliminate the cause and symptoms which enhance excessive bio-mat ​in your drains and surrounding soil resulting in a failed system.

Main Benefits For Maintaining Your System With Bio-Desolve:

  • Reduces and maintains the bio-mat level in the drains and surrounding soil;
  • Helps to rejuvenate failed septic systems where there has not been structural damage, root damage, or severe maintenance issues.
  • Reduces odours and harmful gases, providing a safer and more pleasant environment;
  • Breaks down the fats, oils, and greases in the scum layer;
  • Cleans the entire system - from pipes to tank to drain field, which means minimal maintenance;
  • Increases volume retention and storage capabilities of the septic or holding tank by reducing organic solids;
  • ​Targets phosphates, nitrates, harmful toxins and chemicals present in your system improving the overall quality of the discharge into the eco system.
  • Certified safe by the Ministry of Environment for use in waste water systems; and
  • Additional proof that you are maintaining your system if you are selling or an inspector comes calling

Bio-mat soil and pipe saturation resulting in septic failure

Failed system